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Fast, fun and a career booster

October 10, 2015: Speed Mentoring

Workshops & Meetings

SIG External Trainers: Ethical and Legal Issues for Your Business 

October 9, at 2PM: Patrick Healy will lead us in another lively and stimulating discussion. Learn about your business's legal and ethical working obligations and maximize the benefits of consulting practices. Join us for our presentation and discussion.

SIG Westside: Financial Basics for Talent Development Professionals

October 9, at 7:30AM: Whether making a pitch to a prospective client, presenting a business case to an executive or interviewing for a new job, having an understanding of financial fundamentals is beneficial. 

Speed Mentoring

October 10, 2015 at 9AM: Modeled after speed dating, speed mentoring is a quick one-time meeting or discussion that enables an individual to learn and seek guidance from a more experienced person who can pass on relevant knowledge and experience. You will have the chance to rotate and learn from our accomplished industry experts. 

Chapter Meeting: Coaching and Mentoring with Tom Henschel

October 15, at 6:30PM: Join us for a customized conversation about coaching and mentoring. Coaching is popular. Who isn't a coach? Well, whether your goal is to be a coach or receive coaching, be a mentor or get mentored, there will be nuggets for you in this session led by long-time executive coach Tom Henschel.

SIG South Bay: Mindfulness, Leveraging Personal Technology for Talent Development

November 6, at 7:30AM: Smartphones, iPads, and apps often get a bad rap for negatively impacting our ability to focus and be effective - but what if we could instead leverage personal technology to actually facilitate mindfulness and personal growth?

Special Renewal Offer and My Leave of Absence

This month, my team and I would like to extend a special invitation to our former members to discover ATD-LA’s new event formats at a discounted rate. Lapsed members will receive an email with instructions to redeem this discounted rate.*

This year, we implemented many changes for our chapter, such as:

  • Updated chapter website
  • Short "TEDTalk" style chapter meeting
  • More networking time
  • Certification programs, such as DISC (09 24/25)
  • Monthly themes for events

Increased membership numbers and the feedback we received showed us that our members like and appreciate these changes. We’d love to invite our former members back to experience our new event formats for themselves.

On a personal note, September will be my last full month in my role as President. My husband and I welcome our first baby who will make his big entrance in early November. We’re very excited.

I will start my ATD maternity leave in mid-October. Anthony Lewis, our 2015 President Elect, will take over chapter leadership a bit earlier than anticipated. Anthony and I have partnered in our efforts to lead the chapter and to implement change for the past year. I’m very glad to leave the chapter in his capable hands. I look forward to continuing my work with ATD-LA in 2016 in my role as Past President.

* Some restrictions apply. Please contact our office if you'd like to take advantage of the renewal offer and didn't receive an email.

Emotional Intelligence Training: EQ-i 2.0 Certification

March 2016: Build your resume with an instrument used at many companies. The EQ-i 2.0 Certification Workshop prepares you to administer and interpret the EQ-i 2.0 assessments, and provide feedback. After this intense training, you can use the assessments for richer coaching sessions and lead workshops at your organization. Early bird rates: Register today

Recent Job Postings

  • To view all our job postings, please consider membership. ATD LA members get access to an exclusive job board and can post jobs as well!

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